Saturday, April 29, 2017

Final Project

The purpose of this project was to utilize many of the tools in ArcGIS that we were introduced to over the course of this semester. We used them to analyze the proposed transmission line that was to be placed between Sarasota and Manatee Counties. The line was analyzed for environmental impact, impact on homes, schools, and daycares, and the length and cost of the line was also looked at. As you can see by looking at the analysis in my PowerPoint, the impact on environmentally sensitive lands was minimal, there were no schools or daycares within the corridor or the four hundred foot buffer zone, and only 76 homes were in the corridor and buffer zone combined. The length was estimated to be about 24.5 miles and the cost was calculated to be just under 77.3 million dollars. I personally think it is a reasonable option to build the line in this location.

The process of doing this weeks lab was much more difficult that all of the previous labs because there was little guidance and we had to push ourselves to remember how to do a lot of the processes in ArcGIS. A significant amount of time was spent on trying to remember which weeks some of the tools were explained so I could go back and use those labs as a reference. There were also some tools such as creating a buffer and clipping that came back to mind pretty easily and I did not need much guidance on. A simple map can be seen below that shows the location in Florida of the proposed transmission line. Links to the PowerPoint and transcript are also included below.


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Week 13 Georeferencing

The purpose of this weeks lab was to review many of the topics that were either only covered briefly throughout the semester or topics that were not covered but are good skills to learn in an introductory GIS course. This week three skills were used, snapping, editing, and multiple ring buffering. I created two maps for this weeks lab, one that showed the location of an eagles nest near the UWF campus and one that shows a 3D map of the campus buildings. The two maps I created can be seen below.